The Art of Expressing Brand Personality on Social Media

On social media, the brand personality of your business is essentially the face of the company online. As such, this is what thousands – perhaps even more – people will be exposed to each day. Therefore, it is imperative that you construct the right persona for your company. Just as important is ensuring that this temperament is expressed properly on social media
. Now, this particular assignment can be rather tricky to manage by yourself. Thus, hiring social media services can make it easier for you to create and articulate a brand personality. After all, social media agencies have the experience and the team members to help you do just this. Of course, if you would prefer an introduction into these strategies first, you have come to the right place. Here you will discover the secrets behind producing a likeable brand personality as well as how to establish it online…

Align the Personality with Your Target Audience

The first issue that you will have to sort out is the kind of brand personality to create. As you can imagine, this will heavily depend on how your customer base is. For instance, if you are focused on catering to other businesses and pride yourself on B2B relationships, then a more formal tone may be expected. On the other hand, if you want to connect with individual consumers, you will need a more personable temperament. In such instances, character traits like sassiness, compassion, wit, fun, optimistic, or creative are excellent points to start with. There has been a new brand personality taking hold recently – socially-conscious. Since activism is trending, more and more businesses are joining the movement as well. Here, it is all about support and motivation. Tread carefully though as this can be a tricky persona to master. When selecting a brand personality make sure to think about your company principles as well. When you consider your business’s values, how well does the chosen persona hold up? After all, if traits don’t match your company, people aren’t really going to buy into it.

Create a Comprehensive Sketch

Now, you can’t just stop with a singular personality trait. As mentioned, you need to think of your online brand personality as a person. Therefore, you will need to flesh them out so that they resemble an individual who embodies the values of your business. Although this may seem like a rather time-consuming task, it will help you in the future. Understand, with a fully realised brand personality, you will find it easier to compose posts, answer messages, and figure out your marketing plan in general. This is because you will have a specific perspective to structure all of these elements around.

Humour is Key

This is a point that you are going to find echoed by social media experts everywhere. Nevertheless, it is a message that bears repeating. This is simply because humour is one of the most effective ways to engage with individuals. Keep in mind, at the end of the day, most people use social media to stay entertained. Well, what better way to entertain your audience than to make them laugh? To your advantage, you will discover that there are so many different tools that you can use. This includes memes, current trends, and even user-generated content.

Personalise the Account

Sometimes, it can be difficult for consumers to see through the digital wall that is social media. Therefore, no matter how engaging your persona is, your business may still appear shrouded in mystery. So, it can help to give your followers a peek behind the curtain. You can manage this with candid, behind-the-scene images and videos. These are continuing to gain popularity and with good reason – they are an honest look at what really goes on in the workplace.

Pay Attention to Individual Interactions as Well

Now, when you construct your brand personality, you are obviously thinking about your target audience as a whole. At the same time, you are going to have to deal with comments and direct messages as well. So, what do you do then? Well, the key here is to keep the brand personality consistent, even when you are talking to just one person. This way, your followers can take heart in feeling as though your account – and by extension – your business is being as authentic as possible. There is no denying that creating and then expressing a brand personality can be a rather complex operation. However, once you get it just right, you can see just how valuable such a tool is. Then it is simply a matter of reaping the benefits of all of your effort.

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